Contract Symbols


The symbol for perpetual contract is BTCUSD.


Each futures contract on Bitfex will be listed with a month code and year code, which denote its time of expiry. For instance, a contract expiring in December 2019, is listed as BTCZ19, where Z in the month code and 19 is the year code.

On Bitfex, futures contracts expire on the last Friday of the contract expiration month at 08:00:00 UTC

Below is the complete list of codes for their respective months, used in the symbol for futures contracts.

Month Month Code
January F
February G
March H
April J
May K
June M
July N
August Q
September U
October V
November X
December Z


The symbol for an exchange quoted spread contract is denoted as follows: Symbol for Contract 1: Symbol for Contract 2

Eg:- Spread between Perpetual contract and December Futures will be given by BTCUSD:BTCZ19